Episodically Extraneous

June 9, 2011

I sort of did some poems.

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I had some turns of phrase crop up in my head at work today so I played around with them and formed some sort of really stupid bits of kind of verse. It’s not proper poetry, it’s not proper anything. But I kind of like it all.


I daydream that I am a helicopter,
That way you cannot break my heart.
Also I can fire rockets,
explosions are awesome and satisfying,
so unlike my life as man.

I stir from my fantasy and you are talking,
delivering the minutiae of your life conversationally,
every word is illuminating like UV light,
you talk and the room is covered in blood.
You’ve never been so beautiful,
I want to explode you so bad.


Statistics say that you’re more likely to be raped by a familiar person.
Why would I want to meet your family and friends when they’re violent sexual deviants?
Why are you so upset?
The conventions of society mislead you into thinking that look in your mother’s eye was love.
It’s time you learned better.
I will not wear pants or go out to dinner with your mother.
Nor should you.


We’ve all seen the movies.
The killer is already in the house.
You should really stop being passive aggressive,
like the moat and the lock on the door,
it’s a hinderance only to those who want to help you.

Yes, I’ve got a big knife,
don’t take that tone with me,
we’re the only people here, one of us has to be the serial killer.
Getting angry doesn’t make it less obvious in retrospect you know.


You should really think about the children.
The future of the planet and the generations to come.
Achieve some perspective before you act.
They’re so fucked.
Isn’t life so much more awesome in comparison?
Let’s go and burn everything.


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